About Greta


I am an imperfect woman, a product of grace, and a lover and giver of hope. I don’t have all the answers, but I know Who does, and I want to point you to the perfect truth of God’s Word, because it is medicine for your soul.

I grew up in a Christian home as a pastor’s daughter and accepted Christ as a young child. Growing up in the church, I learned volumes from my parents’ example, as I watched them reach out to so many lost and hurting people.

As a young woman, I took some foolish and selfish roads, and I lost about ten years to my own poor decisions. But even in those years, God was faithful. He protected me from consequences that I deserved, put people in my path to point me back to Him, and gave me all the chances I needed to return to Him. And when I finally did, I found that He wasted nothing. Instead, He restored.

In His time, I discovered my heart and passion to help other women. When I was far from the Lord, I desperately wanted to be restored, but doubted that I could be forgiven. I know what it’s like to feel permanently lost in sin. I know what it’s like to be isolated and unable to reach out for help. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re failing on every front of your life.

But I also know that God is a restorer and a healer, and forgiveness is just a prayer away. I know He has plans and purposes that can outlive our past. Inspired by Proverbs 17:22, I began writing daily devotionals and sending them to friends and family. And that small step of service grew into much more.

After winning a Christian writing contest, I published my first book, Heart Medicine: Devotions for Imperfect Women Based on the Perfect Truth of God’s Word. Heart Medicine has only blossomed from there. My prayer is that it brings glory to God and encourages women to study God’s Word for themselves. There is healing grace in those pages. There is hope, and forgiveness, and new life in Christ.

In addition to writing,  I serve as a counselor and group leader for a recovery program at my church. We deal with issues such as depression, marital and family issues, as well as substance abuse. Our group is a small second family where we can be open and honest about our struggles. But most of all, we encourage each other in prayer and Bible study.

Today, I live outside of Rochester, New York with my husband, Paul, and our son, Joey. Still an imperfect woman (very imperfect), I do everything I can to point women to God and the perfect truth of His Word – through singing, speaking at women’s retreats, counseling, or working on my next Heart Medicine Devotional.

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