FOUND: Hope for Every Prodigal


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Not all prodigals look the part, but prodigal hearts are everywhere – out on the road, back at home, and even in the back of the church. And every one of those wandering hearts needs a prayer warrior.
It’s not easy praying for a prodigal. It can feel like a thankless, fruitless, pointless occupation. And yet, over and over in scripture, we see God Himself chasing the lost, seeking and saving, allowing His holy heart to be broken for the brokenhearted.
If you have a heart for prodigals, then this book is for you. Your prayers put you on the front lines of a life-or-death spiritual battle, and Greta Brokaw, a pastor’s daughter with a past, wants to arm you with hope. This battle is worth fighting, but only God’s way. Remember, no prodigal is too far gone, and every last one is worth saving. God said so.


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